Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to school

Today is the first day back to school for the teachers in my district and I am not joining them. I was a Special Education Teacher last year and decided that after three years and countless numbers of children (overloaded) that I need to take a break and try a new field. I know that this is not the best time to change careers, but I really had no choice. I needed to leave. I still have the ability to substitute teach (no pressure)and I will until I get myself another job. I am sad because I miss my co-workers, but I will move on. The children do not return until Sept 8th so my three are still at home to keep me company. I hope that I can get a job soon after they leave because I will be bored. I cleaned up my fabric from boxes and in storage bags and I have found that I cannot buy another piece of fabric until I sew something in my stash. My stash is beautiful and I need to use it. I have organized everything. I am going to make a list of my patterns and organize them. I will try to sort out my next project. I think that I am going to try to make a suit. A 2-hour jacket from a MacPhee pattern or Simplicity pattern. Then I will make a funnel neck top to go underneath and find a good pattern for a skirt. I will post information as I go. The material is a polyester material for the jacket and the skirt(gray). The top is a lavender-purple color. If all goes well it should be very pretty.

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Sheila said...

The trick to getting your sewing mojo on is doing a little bit each day. One day cut the pattern, next day cut your fabric, next day mark the pieces and so on... it makes easier by the end of the week to really sew.

Thanks for the lovely compliment on my twinset.

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