Monday, March 2, 2009

First blog for March

Today is very cold and snowy. I have been mulling my decision to sew or not to sew and I think that I have found my problem. I have been researching other people's websites for inspiration, but they are sewing at a level that I cannot attain at this present moment, so somehow I feel inadequate. This is a new phenomenon to me. I need to just get started. Today I will get started on something. I will let you in on my surprise later in the week. Listen to my new music player, enjoy the tunes.


Sew Passionista said...

Just a few words of encouragement. None of us thinks she/he sews as well as others. The important thing is that we all enjoy the process, and everytime we sit at our machines, we get a little bit better. After all, practice makes perfect. Corny but true. Happy Sewing from Diana

sewingmama said...

Thank-you for the encouragement. I really need to practice more.

Sheila said...

Hi Sewing Mama and Thanks so much for the beautiful compliments.

You asked if sewing knit is easier than cotton, for me knits are easier, the fabric is so forgiving and it has that built in ease, wherein with cotton, since its a woven, you have to be mindful and allow for ease.

As for beading, I have beaded on and off for years, and actually started off by buying inexpensive necklaces taking them apart and using selected beads from the different necklaces to make one that worked for me.

Check out Wal.mart or Mic.haels, they have beading kits. I will tell you it can be

Like Sew Passionista mentioned all of us think that we do not sew as well as others. The trick is to start with easy 2 or 4 piece patterns and from there you begin to get the hang of it and slowly venture into patterns with multiple pieces. Honestly, I love easy patterns, which I like to call instant gratification

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