Monday, February 16, 2009

Day Off !!!

Well today is a free day off and the last day for me until after April when spring break begins. I still have not sewn anything yet. I am not sure that I will be sewing anything at this point. I went to Joann Fabrics today even though nothing has passed my sewing machine since last year. This store just opened up and I found it disappointing. I like the feel of smaller-homey stores(the mom and pop variety). I am sad that my sewing mojo is not here because I really have the desire to sew. I cannot tell anyone what the block is. I am at a loss. I guess I have become so lazy that I cannot enjoy sewing. I think that I have gotten lonely in my sewing. I go to the store with my DH who is the sewest guy. He tries to get me pumped up to sew and was even talking about purchasing a new machine for me. I told him I wanted a covestitch machine and he said he would get me one, but I said"why would you do this? Our daughter was teasing me before we left the house about my lack of sewing." My DH just laughed. Has any one else felt this way and what did you do to get out of this funk?


Sheila said...

Sorry to hear your sewing mojo is in limbo. Sometimes I experience that. What helps me sometimes is doing a super easy project, may it be a tank top or crochet or knit.

I have a cover stitch, but haven't used it much this winter, it may be due to having to change the threads, once I've changed the thread in the serger, I'm too lazy to change them in the coverstitch.

Jackie said...

I found that you are a follower of my blog and decided it was time for me to visit some of my followers. Anyway, I too am sorry to hear that you aren't sewing. I've been in that type of mood before too and I think what I did was to do as Sheila said, try an easy project. Something that would not take long to complete. Try several. When I wasn't sewing, I still bought fabrics and patterns. I had plenty to choose from once the mojo started flowing again. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope in reading the sewing blogs you are encouraged to sew again.

sewingmama said...

Thank you Shelia and Jackie for our comments. I will try to start
something easy tomorrow.:) I appreciate you all writing me back. I think that the more I talk to people who sew, I will be more motivated to sew myself.

sewingmama said...
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Amy said...

when I don't have the sewing mojo it is because I'm depressed. So, if I don't have the mojo...I get a new magazine, or go to a store I never shop in or to a play or movie. Then the costumes, pages in the book or magazine or expensive store items insire me artistically. Small things like organizing your thread by color, folding your fabric scraps, can help get you in the mood. Now I'm a crackin a whip...get yer tail end off the computer and sew up something for us to see...even if it's a napkin!

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