Monday, January 12, 2009

Sewing :Backstory

I began sewing in high school with my Sewing Teacher(Home Ec). Her name was Mrs. Riechle. She wore the most beautiful Pendelton Wool Suits. I was into the Prep Look at that time(80's), so I was well aware of the materials associated with fine clothing. We took sewing every other day for one school year. We had a fashion show mid-year using the clothing that we had made in this class. Each person had to make their own wardrobe and model the clothing made. Mrs. Riechle encouraged me to make my own graduation dress for High School. She believed in my talents even when I did not. I told her that I could not make my dress look pretty enough to wear for graduation, but I did because of her faith in my abilities. I did not sew while in college, during my military years on active duty. I began to quilt when my oldest daughter turned 9 and I enjoyed that. I have moved away from my quilting circle and decided that I want to sew garments as I have always wanted to make my own wardrobe. I found PR and the rest is history.


Chris said...

First of all I want to say HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!
Secondly, like you I am a quilter trying to get back into sewing. I just started my blog 2 weeks ago to help me keep focused. I have finished one project so far this year but am at a standstill as too what to do next. I have some UFO's that need to be finished and then I will start something for me.
I just want to tell you to hang in there, the inspiration will come. Pick something simple to start, something YOU need or want. I started with a simple dress and am very happy. Don't get frustrated and give-up. I'll be back to check on your progress!

Sew Passionista said...

Hi Sewingmama. I was just checking in on you and saw that you had a birthday. A belated Happy one.
Your sewing history interested me. I'm a retired teacher and I sometimes meet old students and if they tell me I had a positive effect on them , I my heart just soars.

Your sewing teacher sounds wonderful.
I intend to keep checking back here once in a while to see how you're doing.
Happy Sewing!

Faye Lewis said...

Hey, what a great back story. Didn't you just love Home Ec class? It actually changed my life. I love sewing but like you did not sew at all for years because life got in my way. I'm so glad that I've re-entered the sewing world. Although I am as busy as ever, I still make time to sew sometime during the week. Happy Sewing!

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