Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year's Day !!!
Resolutions that I have made for sewing the Year- 2009 are:
1. To become a better blogger.
2. To actually create, make and post items that I have made
with my sewing machine and stop dreaming about the clothing
I did not make
3. To stop lurking around the great sewers posts because
I am intimidated by their sewing abilities and their talent for sewing.
4. To befriend more sewing buddies to keep up my momentum for
5. To sew down a fabric stash that is continually growing.
Last year I made an apron and one other item. I brought about 20 yards of fabric. This is going to change. I will use all of the fabric I have brought that I like in the next three months. I have become a lurker in the world of sewing and I want to become a full participant. I would like to meet some new friends and share some ideas about this hobby of mine. I have been so stressed about other issues (work namely) that I have allowed this to interfere with my personal life. This year is about change and I aim to do just that. My happiness is important and I see that sewing brings me happiness as I sit for hours reading your blogs from start to finish. I like that way you all support each other and I would like to be a part of this wonderful community. I will post pictures of my items when they are sewn as the rest of you do. I have to sew something first.
Have a great New Years Day!!!!


Sheila said...

Happy New Year!

Looking forward to your 2009 sewing posts. 20 yards of fabric... that is definitely several garments to be

To help me get a head start on my blogging, I keep a lil notepad in my pocketbook and make notes, so when its time to blog, I have everything handy.

I love visiting sewing & crafting blogs they are so full of tips and inspiration. I will admit there are some blogs that I just lurk, but totally enjoy their work.

sewingmama said...

Thank-you for your tip about
keeping a notepad in my pocketbook to make notes. I will try this also. You are very talented in the area of sewing and knitting. I follow your blog almost daily. I like your style and the items you create. Thank-you for posting a comment to my blog.

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